One word: HOUSE… just five letters, and that’s what they mean to every person, not only during the Christmas season when the scent of the Christmas tree fills it. It is based primarily on four pillars, such as love, peace, security and privacy. However, not every building has such solid foundations. Feelings have great power, but it is difficult to heat your own M in winter or isolate them from the noise coming from the street. Therefore, for the sake of your comfort, it is worth thinking about energy-saving solutions. We will gain a lot from replacing worn-out joinery.

Winter is a demanding period for house owners. The challenge then is to achieve the right room temperature at low cost. If we do not want to pay high heating bills, we should think about a comprehensive thermal modernisation of the building, thanks to which we can save up to 80% of energy. The first step then is always to replace the joinery. In this way, we will gain many benefits. What benefits?

Benefits of replacing woodwork which is not measurable

The long woodwork looks unattractive and does not fit in with current architectural trends (e.g. narrow profiles), it also negatively affects the energy balance of the building. This, in turn, translates into higher operating costs. By replacing windows, doors and garage doors with high quality, energy-efficient solutions, we can significantly reduce expenses, which is a pro-environmental measure towards better air quality (smog is a nuisance of modern civilisations). For this to happen, however, it is necessary to take care of the excellent assembly of the products, preferably in layers, e.g. using vapour-tight and vapour-permeable tapes. It pays off to entrust the works to a trusted team, which will perform the service according to the art of construction and the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is not worth saving on professionals. Any corrections are always more challenging to make and involve additional costs and prolonged renovation.

This is not the end of the benefits. Replacement of woodwork will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the comfort of the life of the household members – we will avoid airing and energy losses, so the house will be pleasant and warm without the need to turn the radiators to the maximum value. Also, the level of anti-burglary protection will be improved, thanks to the use of appropriate hardware and secure glass in the windows, and the rooms will be undisturbed by silence (modern glass packages insulate well the noise from outside). Moreover, the aesthetics of the building will be improved, especially if the installation of windows, doors or garage doors is accompanied by the construction of a new facade with mineral wool or polystyrene insulation. What is more, this will increase the value of the property due to aesthetic and functional issues.

Financial injection for new windows, doors, gates

It is worth knowing that an investment related to the replacement of woodwork at home can be carried out with co-financing. The Clean Air programme, for example, gives us such an opportunity. In case of purchase/installation of window joinery (windows/balcony doors, slope windows with assembly systems) we can count on financial support for £50 per m2, while door joinery (external doors, garage doors/gates) even £120 per m2. When we qualify for an increased level of co-financing, these amounts increase significantly and amount respectively: £70 per m2 and £600 per m2 respectively. Of course, it is then necessary to select products that meet the relevant technical requirements, but in this respect, we are sure to be professionally advised by woodwork manufacturers. Reliable brands often have their assembly crews.

A house is the most important place for every person, so it is worth taking care of it. Regular renovations are an expression of respect for the condition of the building. Some things can be put off for later, e.g. changing the arrangement of rooms, but technical matters should always be treated as a matter of urgency. Without a doubt, this includes term modernisation. Let’s start with the replacement of windows, external doors, garage door, and we will spend every subsequent holiday in our M, safely, with due privacy, in warmth and peace.